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UPDATE 02/16/2023:

Hello Pony Express Club!

Yes its been a bit quiet due to things working in the background. There are some important updates listed here.



Yes we are still having awards for 2022, they are currently in the works. There WILL NOT be a 2022 banquet. This is due to lack of membership and mostly lack of volunteers. Awards when recieved will be passed or mailed out to the winners, we will be in contact with you when that time comes.



Similar to the suitation above, we have decided to end the point recording, awards, and banquet system of pony express. This is due to declining membership and very few volunteers to keep the process functioning. 


PLEASE NOTE: This does not mean there are no horse shows. The horse shows have always been independent of pony express. If there is a show you enjoy going to or want to know the dates of them, please reach out to the club or show commitee that puts those shows on to get their dates.



Not to be complete doom and gloom, we have voted to host an Open Horse Show at Longview Horse Park on May 20th, 2023, weather permitting. The largest concern our members voiced to us over at the open meetings in November and December was the lack of horse shows, more than the point and award/banquet system pony express is currently setup to be. It was voted on to end the current system of recording points and to focus on providing a horse show event with a more generic showbill so all horse show people can attend and enjoy. A showbill will be created soon, please keep an eye on the page for that. 

Please reach out if there are questions on anything from above. 




Hello, Pony Express Members! There are some housekeeping items to be discussed in the next 2 months. We hope that all of our members and those who care for Pony Express will join us! First, the rule change meeting will be held November 5th at 1 pm at RC’s (330 E 135th ST, Kansas City, MO 64145) If possible, please RSVP with Tish Rose ( for a head count. RSVP is not required to attend. Here is a list of some of the items to be discussed:


1.) Rule Changes for 2023- if you have any items to bring to the rule change meeting and cannot attend, please email them to Tish ( and/or Megan ( to add them into the list to be discussed.

2.) Board Members for 2023- There are going to be several board positions opening in 2023. Although voting will take place in December, if you are interested this is a good time to think about which position and let it be known if you are applying.

3.) The Future of Pony Express- Sadly with declining shows nominated into Pony Express and declining members as well as not enough volunteers to let the club run smoothly, it is time that it is discussed by members if Pony Express should be continued on into 2023. The discussions of the first 2 topics will determine and help the discussion of this topic.



Points are current as of 7/26/2022. Please double check that all of your nominations are entered. If something is missing, contact Ashley Herrman at or 573-230-9111. 

Dear Members & Show Managers,


We hope everyone is doing well and wanted everyone to know that we are going forward with the 2022 Show Season. Show Dates have been updated and the show bills will be updated and linked as soon as I get them.

Show Managers please have your show bills sent to Tish Rose ( by March 15, 2022 so they can be included in our show book. 


We appreciate everyone's patience as we start getting ready for the 2022 show season. We are all excited to see our horse show families again and wish everyone good luck in all their shows this year. 



Pony Express Horse Show Executive Committee








Congratulations to all our exhibitors on a great show season for 2021. We hope everyone enjoyed the banquet and loved their awards. 

A special congratulations to our Adult Sportsmanship Award Winner Cathy Harris, and to our Youth Sportsmanship Award Winner Payten Rose. Those awards say a lot about who you ladies are in and out of the arena. Well deserved and thank you both for being a part of Pony Express. 

Congratulations to Payten Rose for being selected as the William Loftin Memorial Scholarship Winner. 



We will be having the awards show on Facebook on February 19, 2022 at 6:00PM for the 2021 Show Season. It will be a livestream event to announce the winners. We are wanting pictures of you with your prizes, ribbons etc., please send them to Megan via Facebook and she will post them. There will also be a chance for you to win an SSTack gift certificate for $100.00 just by commenting on the live stream. Make sure you like and follow the Pony Express Horse Show Circuit to ensure you don't miss your chance to watch and comment on the livestream. 

Spring Kick Off will be at Sitter Downs 11623 S Drinkwater Rd, Lone Jack, MO 64070 on April 2, 2022. Come by and see us and complete your membership, nomination forms and get a copy of the show schedule. Show Managers you can also pick up your show packets. ​



Remember to spread the news of the William Loftin Memorial Scholarship for our youth. There are forms to apply for 2022 under the information tab.

Join Pony Express and nominate your horses and Equitation/Showmanship, Riders/Exhibitors!




President - Anthony Mead

1st Vice-President - Lucy Rangel

2nd Vice-President - Rose Rawlings

Secretary - Tish Rose

Treasurer - Dori Walker

Point Recorder - Ashley Herrman

Directory Coordinator - Open Position

Promotions Coordinator - Megan Place

Youth Representative - Open Position

Historian - Sara Ring

Breed Reps 2021

American Saddlebred - Anthony Mead (2022)

Arabian - Waylon Rawlings (2022)

Carriage & Driving - Sheila Goodman (2022)

Fox Trotter - Larry Kilroy (2022)

Open Horse - Connie Pruden (2022)

Quarter Horse - Dawn McCoun Hatfield (2020)

Tennessee Walking Horse - Payten Rose

Welsh & Cob - Jerry Plummer (2022)

Spotted Saddle Horse - John Scafe (2022)

Therapeutic Riding - Mary Adams (2022)

Open Positions:

Directory Coordinator

First Vice President

Second Vice President


Be sure to follow us on all of the following social media platforms.  Please share these sites

and add your photos and stories!  We will update exhibitors thru all platforms, e-mail and snail mail for those that do NOT have any form of electronic communication.


Instagram:  pehsc_horseshow

Snapchat:  PonyExpress1950


All show dates are posted on the show date tab!  Remember to go to the forms tab and become a member and NOMINATE for year-end high point awards!  You can complete all forms and PAY online as well as by mailing a check.


For more information and the application please click on the information tab.
Postmark deadline is November 1, 2022


Pay Pal (Donate)  button located at bottom of FORMS page for easy online payments!  Please note on these payments what it is for.  You can download forms for easy completion and then attach completed forms and copies of any required backup documentation to an e-mail and e-mail to the treasurer. 

Don't ride or show but want to be involved- NO PROBLEM!

Most shows are looking for volunteers and sponsors.  Just click on the Show Date tab and go to the show(s) you are interested in helping and you can find their contact information there.  If you are interested in serving on the PEHSC Executive Committee, please contact the President or Secretary by going to the Executive Contacts tab for their information. 

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