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Dear Member & Show Managers,


We know and understand that there is a lot of uncertainty about the 2020 show season. The executive committee has been discussing what actions need to be taken at this time. After much thought we have come to some decisions about the 2020 show season for Pony Express Horse Show Circuit. Please understand that these were not easy decisions to make, however in light of the current situation with Co-Vid 19 and the restrictions from our venues at this time we feel that we must make some decisions going forward.

Here are the changes to the 2020 show season:

We will not be counting points for the 2020 show season. If you attend a show this year for Pony Express, there will be no points to carry over to next year.

We will not be having a Pony Express Horse Show (buckle blow out) this year.

If your club paid a show membership fee for 2020 and was unable to have the show, your fee will be carried over to next year (2021), or you may choose to receive a refund, if you decide against having a show for 2021. If you decide you want a refund please reach out to Anthony, Lucy or Tish and we will make arrangements for you.

If you paid your membership for 2020 or had nominations for 2020 that will also be carried over until the 2021 show season.

We will not have the Pony Express Banquet this year for 2020 as we are not counting points for 2020.

We will not have a show directory for 2020. If you have paid for ads it will be carried over to the 2021 show PEHSC directory.

We encourage everyone to go out and support anyone who can put on a show this year. If you are having a show at Longview Horse Park or any of your venues, please call ahead and see what the restrictions are before the day of the show so we can keep members informed if the show is going to be cancelled.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in the times that we find ourselves. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Anthony Mead (President), Lucy Rangel (First Vice President) or Tish Rose (Secretary) and we will do our best to help navigate these waters as they come.

We will be updating Facebook and the web site as we get informed from show managers of any changes to the shows.

We are excited and look forward to the upcoming 2021 show season and making it the best show season! If you have your date picked for 2021 please let Lucy or Tish know so we can start working on our 2021 calendar. If you have your prize list or class list done you can forward that as well so we can start getting the 2021 directory ready.



Pony Express Horse Show Executive Committee

06/30/2020 - Missouri State Fair Society Horse Show Update

"The Missouri State Fair Society Horse Show was slated to be cancelled this
year by the State Fair. However, the United Professional Horsemen's
Association (UPHA) Chapter 5 have decided to host the show, since their own
show was cancelled earlier this year. Same dates as the usual State Fair
Society Horse Show, same location. Classes have changed. More information
available on UPHA Chapter 5's Facebook page:"




Due to the stay at home orders and no gatherings that are in place we have had some cancellations. They are noted on the show dates page of the website. Please let me know if you are canceling your show and I will update our page. We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.   


Attention all show managers. The deadline to have everything turned in for the book is March 11, 2020. I will be sending out e-mails to all show managers as well. 



Pony Express Horse Show Circuit 2020 Spring Kick Off Event at Sitter Downs Tack Swap Saturday April 4th at Sitter Downs, 11623 Drinkwater Road, Lone Jack, MO 64070 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Join Pony Express and nominate your horses and Equitation/Showmanship, Riders/Exhibitors!




The 2020 Membership, Nomination and Show affiliation forms are updated and located on the Forms tab.  The rest of the website updates are in process.  


Executive Committee

President - Anthony Mead

1st Vice-President - Lucy Rangel

2nd Vice-President - Rose Rawlings

Secretary - Tish Rose

Treasurer - Dori Walker

Point Recorder - Ian Walker

Directory Coordinator - Annette Turnbaugh

Promotions Coordinator - Megan Place

Youth Representative-

Historian - Sara Ring

Breed Reps 2020

American Saddlebred - Laurel Silcott (2021)

Arabian - Waylon Rawlings (2022)

Carriage & Driving - Sheila Goodman (2022)

Fox Trotter - Larry Kilroy (2020)

Open Horse - Connie Pruden (2022)

Quarter Horse - Dawn McCoun Hatfield (2020)

Tennessee Walking Horse - Sydney Kotow (2021)

Welsh & Cob - Jerry Plummer (2022)

Spotted Saddle Horse - John Scafe (2022)

Theraputic Riding - Mary Adams (2022)

Be sure to follow us on all of the following social media platforms.  Please share these sites

and add your photos and stories!  We will update exhibitors thru all platforms, e-mail and snail mail for those that do NOT have any form of electronic communication.


Instagram:  pehsc_horseshow

Snapchat:  PonyExpress1950


All show dates and are posted on the show date tab!  Remember to go to the forms tab and become a member and NOMINATE for year-end high point awards!  You can complete all forms and PAY online as well as by mailing a check.



For more information and the application please click on the information tab.

Postmark deadline is November 1, 2020


Pay Pal (Donate)  button located at bottom of FORMS page for easy online payments!  Please note on these payments what it is for.  You can download forms for easy completion and then attach completed forms and copies of any required backup documentation to an e-mail and e-mail to the treasurer. 

Don't ride or show but want to be involved- NO PROBLEM!

Most shows are looking for volunteers and sponsors.  Just click on the Show Date tab and go to the show(s) you are interested in helping and you can find their contact information there.  If you are interested in serving on the PEHSC Executive Committee, please contact the President or Secretary by going to the Executive Contacts tab for their information. 

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